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caring for your artwork

By using 316 marine grade stainless steel with a minimum chromium content of 17% and a minimum nickel content of 7%  Jo can ensure your artwork will resist atmospheric corrosion. With minimal routine cleaning you can maintain the brilliant luster of your sculpture indefinitely.

When placed in a challenging environment ie: outside / near salt water, a thin layer of oxidation may occur on the surface. You can either hose your sculpture down with fresh water regularly, or less frequently you can wash your sculpture with dish washing liquid and water to remove the build up of grime then dry it with a soft towel. Alternatively you can use methylated spirits to wipe the sculpture, however you may find it leaves streaks on the surface. If required you can use a gentle cream polish and soft cloth to polish your sculpture, however providing you wash it regularly you will minimise the need to polish it. Be gentle when polishing so you don’t degrade any colour on your sculpture.

When placed in a less challenging environment ie: inside, the need to wash or polish your sculpture is greatly diminished. In fact the most you will probably need to do is go over it with a soft cloth to remove fingerprints or dust.

Remember: only use soft cloth’s/towel’s for cleaning and always support movable parts when washing or polishing to avoid unnecessary stress on welds etc.

how to buy Jo's work

ON COMMISSION - contact Jo to arrange commissioned artwork. She can either create the design concept or work with you to create a specific idea you have in mind. Once you have made your design decision a 50% deposit will confirm your order and secure your position in Jo's schedule.

FROM MOJOCREATIONS FLOATING GALLERY - contact Jo for a private viewing or an update of what is available.

AUSTRALIAN AFFILIATIONS - Jo's work is for sale at:

INTERNATIONAL AFFILIATIONS - Jo's work is for sale at:

how long will commissioned artwork take?

As Jo is dedicated to providing clients with exclusively original art work, the lead time will depend on design and creation time required for the piece plus the current commissions Jo has at the time. Please allow a minimum of eight weeks from confirmation of order.


Jo will organise packing, freight and insurance both nationally and internationally. International orders are crated, insured and shipped through Fed Ex (quotes do not include applicable duties, taxes and brokerage fees)

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